Founder’s Safety Message
Every parent wants what is best for their children: the best schools, jobs, and opportunities in life.

We also want to be able to provide them with the proper knowledge to help them along the way.

Unfortunately, there never seems to be enough time to on touch all the bases.

Sadly, we live in a violent and dangerous society. The media blankets our lives with stories of

senseless violence against teens and young adults many of which are beyond comprehension.

Our Objective in creating “Don’t Be A Victim” is to change the behavior and attitude of young

people towards their own safety.
Topics Include
   •    College Selection Process
   •    Vehicle Safety
   •    Public Transportation
   •    On & Off Campus Housing
   •    Out and About
   •    If You Are Followed or Attacked
   •    Campus & Workplace Shootings
   •    Cyber Safety
   •    Drugs & Alcohol
   •    Sex Offenses
    •    High Quality Production Value will capture and sustain the
          interest of our audience
    •    Original Stock Video Footage
    •    Graphics & Annimation
    •    Original Musical Score
    •    Emphasize the real world realities of the dangers of living
          on your own
    •    Utilize numerous locations using a matter of fact dialog
Effective Educational & Instructional Tool

Homes  •  Corporations  •  Schools  •  Organizations
Associations  •  Law Enforcement Agencies
    Supplements and reinforces on-going school safety programs
    Compliments Company Employee Assistant Programs
    Ideal for Lunch and Learn Presentations
    Great addition to Corporate Community Outreach Initiatives
    Ideal for Law Enforcement Training Officers and Instructors

Overview Graphic