It is easy for us to say good things about our programs the real proof of program excellence is what others think.
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
”This program contains valuable information for young adults to help make them more aware of their surroundings, both on and off campus, and less likely to become a victim of a crime.

U.S. Department of Education
“We commend you for your fine work...the program is comprehensive and well organized... clearly presented and appropriate for a wide-ranging audience, including educators and parents.”
Florida Office of Drug Control
“...your program is appropriate for Florida Schools.”
Florida Catholic Conference
 “…an excellent program that will be an asset to all of our schools statewide…we are proud to give the program our highest recommendation.”
Sister Catherine Kamphaus, CSC
Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Salt Lake City

“We are very impressed with this comprehensive program…

Victor Rivera
Chief Operating Officer
Boys and Girls Clubs of Palm Beach Count
“We successfully implemented your program into our education curriculum. Our next important step is to provide our member’s families with this much needed information.”
Community Service Scholarships
Rev. Richard G. Cipolla
“I want to thank you profoundly for the scholarships for my daughter, Mary and son Nicholas, through your foundation…you must share my belief that good education is one of the keys to the health of our American society in the future…again, many thanks, may God bless you and your work in behalf of education.”