Target Drugs™ is our brand name for highly effective drug education and awareness programs and support resources produced for the home, school, workplace and law enforcement agencies. We created Target Drugs in 1996, and shortly thereafter were joined in our efforts by the Institute for Substance Abuse Research (ISAR).  Founded in 1984, ISAR is a recognized and award winning leader in the development of programs in this genre.


Over the years programs were produced in various formats from VHS to the Internet and Print.  These wide-ranging programs provide a wealth of vital information that includes:


Various Drug Categories

         Take an in-depth look at the major drugs being abused, with emphasis on those drugs that you hear about every day in the media. 
     •     History of Drugs         

     •     Alternatives          

     •     Student Survey, designed to help individual schools measure student alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, and assist them in their on-going  
           drug education awareness and prevention efforts.


Resource Center
This resource provides a number of support components that include Practical Tips for Parents, Articles and Videos of Interest

Children’s Programs
Designed to capture and sustain children’s interest


These programs were provided Free of Charge to Families and Schools Nationally!


Times change and we have determined that we should make a Strategic Change regarding the future of our Not-For-Profit Organization and are pleased to announce the following:


Target Drugs II™

Drug Education & Awareness Consulting

Program Support & Production


Educational Media Institute will now offer our years experience in both subject knowledge and program production to assist and support foundations, organizations and corporations in their efforts in addressing this deadly enemy.


We are looking forward to this new challenge!


Target Drugs Initiative