Target Kids Series™
Exciting new short video Programs that will capture and sustain the interest of children. 

Children on journeys through story and song, where they will learn very valuable
life lessons such as:
                                            Safety • Health & Nutrition • Environment • Library • Learning Skills
We also address one of the greatest concerns of parents and educators, the lack of adequate values education.  Values we focus on include: 

Belief in Self • Caring and Giving • Commitment • Courage • Determination
Fairness • Friendship • Honesty • Integrity • Kindness • Patience • Responsibility

The Target Kids Series is a great vehicle for values to be explored, learned and personalized in the most
creative and captivating ways possible.

Parent & Teacher Support Resources
To assist parents and teachers and enhance these learning experiences downloadable support
resources will be posted on our website.  These include a resource guide, glossary, quizzes,
merit certificates and captivating songs. 

Instructional Units
Various instructional units such as geography, history and science will be incorporated giving
additional instructional benefit to the programs.  

Please Note 
These educational programs incorporate learning and value systems which necessitate the participation of
an adult for maximum benefit to the child.  

Characters and situations are created that are both elementary and instructional, reflecting cultural and
social diversity